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Supply chain management

Boost sustainable growth and resilience with our supply chain management solutions

supply chain management solutions

The future of supply chains is hyperconnected

Managing today's supply chains is not for the fainthearted. Faced with an influx of new technologies, changing consumer behaviors, labor crunches, and logistical challenges, companies must design and run hyperconnected supply chains to gain competitive advantage.

At Genpact, we help businesses elevate supply chain performance. Our supply chain management services combine practical, industry-led expertise, advanced digital technologies (including generative AI), data-driven solutions, and proven methodologies to help you gain end-to-end supply chain visibility and maximize returns from existing technology investments.

Powered by over 20 years' consulting experience and a strong partner network, we work with some of the world's largest companies to design, transform, and run their supply chains.

Our impact

Hero everest group names genpact a leader in supply chain management

Genpact maintains leader position in Everest Group's supply chain management report

Genpact maintains leader position in Everest Group's supply chain management report.

Elevate supply chain performance to deliver sustainable growth and resilience

Our solutions

We apply our consulting experience and data-tech-AI expertise to deliver supply chain management solutions spanning supply chain planning and network design, transportation and logistics, and aftermarket services.

Awards and accolades

Analysts including HFS Research, Everest Group, and NelsonHall position us as a market leader in supply chain management services.

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Enterprise Innovator

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Why Genpact

We deliver end-to-end supply chain visibility, accurate forecasting, integrated planning, and exceptional customer and employee experiences to make supply chain dreams a reality. Explore some of the business outcomes we've delivered for clients across the globe.


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"Genpact has solidified its leadership in supply chain management. Its enhanced planning and order management capabilities through in-house solutions have been key differentiators."
Vignesh Kannan Vice President, Everest Group

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How we think

We help supply chain leaders build agile, efficient, and innovative supply chain operations. Read our insights for valuable perspectives that will propel your business forward.