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Improve customer experience, keep them for life, and drive profitable growth.

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Accelerating profitable growth

Faced with economic disruption, inflation, and rapid business transformation, companies must find new ways to deliver profitable growth. This means rethinking traditional business models, embracing data-driven marketing and sales strategies, prioritizing customer-centric experiences, and understanding what drives ROI.

Genpact's sales and commercial team helps you achieve all this and more. Our mission is simple: we help you deliver the right products at the right time, in the right place, with the right service. The result? Increased revenue through improved customer identification and conversion, renewals, upselling, cross-selling, and customer loyalty.

We're experts in creating differentiated customer and employee experiences using our deep industry knowledge, data-driven insights, and data-tech-AI capabilities to establish operating models that boost revenue growth. We help our clients transform marketing and sales operations, processes, metrics, and technology to deliver on their commitments to customers.

Our impact

Insight tout genpact scores top marks in hfs digital marketing and sales service providers report

Genpact named a market leader in HFS's 2023 Digital Marketing and Sales Service Providers Report

The report recognizes Genpact's unique approach to marketing and sales and its strengths in data, technology, and analytics.
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Genpact's solutions to supercharge sales for tech companies

Our solutions

Accelerate innovation, transform experiences, delight customers, and drive revenue growth with our sales and commercial services and solutions.

Customer success

We transform customer and employee experiences while driving brand and revenue growth. As your strategic growth partner, we use our deep data and process expertise and data-driven insights to enhance customer satisfaction and retention. We focus on high touchpoints, revenue, supply chain visibility, and streamlining operations to free up your team to focus on improving the customer experience.

Revenue growth management

Grow new business and boost top-line profits with our revenue growth management services and solutions. We analyze your revenue sources, pricing strategies, customer segments, and promotional effectiveness to accelerate profitability. Our knowledge of business operations and expertise in data, analytics, and enabling technologies (including generative AI) transform operations to enhance revenue, profits, and customer and employee experiences.


Today's marketers are focused on improving the buyer/customer journey and experience by embedding data, technology, and analytics. We enable marketers to make agile, data-driven decisions based on customer insights, deliver the right experiences, and boost revenue and loyalty. Our technology-enabled marketing strategies give you a 360-degree customer view and foster a connected total experience by uniting customer, employee, and product interactions.

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Horizon 3 Market Leader

Digital Marketing and Sales Service Providers



Horizon 3 Market Leader

Retail and CPG Service Providers


Everest Group PEAK Matrix


Advanced Analytics and Insights Services for Sales and Marketing Services


Why Genpact

We help some of the world's largest organizations build world-class digital marketing, future-ready sales, revenue management, and customer success strategies. We focus on driving experience and growth for Fortune 500 clients with over 7,000 delivery professionals across 78 global locations.

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"Genpact helps clients improve price management and optimization, discount and rebate management and optimization, and lead generation capabilities that significantly drive growth and efficiency."
Michael Townsend Research Director, Life Sciences Commercial Strategies, IDC


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Our partners

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With connected planning, Anaplan and Genpact help clients develop intelligent insights and improve strategic decisions.


Transform customer service operations with order automation solutions.

How we think

We help companies reimagine sales and commercial processes to deliver an unbeatable customer experience across all touchpoints in the sales life cycle.