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Media and entertainment industry

Reimagining media, publishing, and entertainment operations

media and entertainment industry


Media, publishing, and entertainment companies are on the cusp of reinventing themselves as tech entities. With our process and industry expertise and skills in advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), we help companies unlock growth opportunities from across the new value chain.

Reimagining business models and operations in media, publishing, and entertainment

Featured solutions

Our solutions help you reimagine audiences and market opportunities and leverage a universe of ecosystem partners, content creators, and distributors to create exceptional customer experiences.

User account safety and recovery

We use digital technologies to prevent identity theft and account takeovers and enable the quick recovery of compromised accounts after a security issue.

Product development and data labeling

Our data labeling services increase the accuracy of AI solutions by identifying and segregating content to create safer user experiences.

Awards and accolades

Our ability to transform and run end-to-end value chains using our data, technology, and AI expertise is validated by leading independent analysts. We deliver growth, better experiences, and operational excellence for our clients.



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Helping media companies improve growth, efficiency, and customer experience.


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Build on the insights and experience we've gathered from our work with media, publishing, and entertainment companies around the world to empower your business.