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Sustainability services

Build the next lever of transformative impact for your organization

sustainability services

How to create environmental, social, and governance impact and win in business

As more organizations take on their ESG responsibilities, the companies that put them at their core will also unlock a new source of competitive advantage. By meeting customer, employee, and regulator demands, they're protecting the planet, creating a world that works better for people, and becoming the next generation of business.

But to make a fundamental impact on the people and communities they work with, organizations need to look at the ESG challenge holistically, across multiple dimensions. Digital technologies and analytics uncover environmental and social opportunities, enabling businesses to embed long-term strategies and measure their impact.

Thanks to our deep industry knowledge and digital and analytics capabilities, we help companies make meaningful, sustainable progress for their businesses and the world.

Read on to find out how.

Our impact

Solution portrait rethink your esg program to unlock long term business value

Rethink how you deploy and run ESG programs

Companies worldwide are upping their ESG efforts to drive net positivity. Learn how Genpact can help in driving effective sustainability programs at scale.
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Our solutions

From roadmaps and reporting to responsible sourcing, our solutions enable you to weave ESG into your company's DNA.

Assessments of suppliers

We quantify and qualify the ESG impact of your company's supplier base with a blend of third-party data and information requests while also identifying opportunities for improvement.

Carbon accounting and decarbonization

We enable companies to record, measure, and report auditable internal and external carbon emissions in line with regulatory disclosure requirements, and design carbon-reduction roadmaps.

Due diligence

Through customized questionnaires, inquiries, analytics, and audits, we minimize your company's risks and maximize returns on commercial transactions.

Limited assurance

Our analytics and evidence-based reviews provide assurance of the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of ESG reporting and disclosures.

Regulatory audit

Our periodic statutory and compliance audit service enables your business to comply with ESG regulations.


Unlock integrated and simplified reporting for investor-grade ESG disclosures in line with international guidelines such as the GRI, the TCFD, and the SASB.

Supply chain design – carbon reduction

We design structural and operational models that reduce the carbon footprint of supply chains using network design and inventory and transportation optimization.

Why Genpact

We're masters in data, analytics, reporting, and compliance. We transform processes and manage change. Combine these skills with a commitment to helping companies make a positive impact on their businesses, communities, and the planet and you have a winning ESG strategy.

How we think

Read on for our latest experience and insight on how ESG initiatives can transform businesses and protect the world.