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Trust and safety

Embed platform trust and safety to protect users, businesses, and brands and build trust through positive interactions and experiences.

trust and safety


Our online world demands a multi-layered, coordinated approach to embed safety and promote trust across all stakeholders. Deep trust and safety knowledge and robust measures across all integrated platform functions of a platform will keep systems safe from evolving threats.

The ever-changing regulatory environment requires continual compliance measures in all regions of operations to reduce the risk of legal liabilities, avoid fines, and improve brand reputation.

Our focus on industry specific trust and safety expertise and customized operating models ensures trust and safety of operations at scale.

Genpact leads trust and safety innovation and supports companies in digital operations and services, specialized operations and services and a suite of specific trust and safety products.

Our impact

Insight hero everest group names genpact a leader in trust and safety

Leading in trust and safety

Genpact has been named a leader in trust and safety by Everest Group for the third consecutive year.
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Our solutions

Genpact's industry-specific trust and safety solutions and customized operating models enable platforms to address unique challenges with specialized capabilities at scale. We lead through innovation and support platforms with a suite of unique trust and safety products.

Digital operations and services

Create safe and secure digital environments that foster trust in users and communities and protect platforms and services.

Ad integrity and brand safety

Create a safe environment for brand ads with workflows and processes that improve the integrity of self-serve ads published on platforms.

Platform operations

Our testing, tagging, and feedback improves platform functions and features. Our services cover product and service information, listings, and tags.

AI enablement and data labelling

Enable AI and algorithm development with the creation, curation, annotation, labelling, and tagging of high-quality data sets. We assess bias in output and optimization to drive responsible AI and have built multiple industry use cases and customized solutions for generative AI.

Developer compliance

We enable compliance of apps and APIs for operability, function, data sharing and app/API store listings and ensure creator and developer compliance to guidelines.

Account and identity safety

We prevent fraud, theft, and takeovers of accounts by ensuring user and access authenticity.

Specialized operations and services

Address critical and unique operational requirements in trust and safety.

Escalations and critical support operations

Our specialist teams manage highly complex, time-bound trust and safety decision making.

Legal requests and regulated ops

We analyze and respond to illegal and harmful behavior on online platforms and support plagiarism, IP infringement, and copyright claims and investigations.

Quality assurance as-a-service

We continually improve partner performance and independent quality assurance in multi-partner, scaled operations.

Fraud review and investigations

We review fraudulent behavior and proactively identify potentially fraudulent activities.

Augmented reality and virtual reality enablement

We build virtual reality, augmented reality, and extended reality functions and capabilities through product operations.

Experiential and simulation review

We review user behavior and build a safe metaverse through reviews in simulated and virtual environments.

Trust and safety products

Our suite of industry-first products address the evolving needs of trust and safety operations.

Trust and safety benchmarks and maturity index

Unique frameworks and maturity assessments for trust and safety structures, systems, workflows, processes, and metrics to build a best-in-class global trust and safety practice.

Trends and threat assessment

Holistic frameworks and products to track trends and the emergence and propagation of harm online. We synthesize insights from both planned and unplanned events that increase online activities and impact platforms and trust and safety operations.

Policy lab

We cover all stages of the policy lifecycle from creation, contextualization, and testing to operationalization, scaling, and change management of trust and safety policies. Our policy decision accelerator guides bias-free, structured decision making.

Regulatory compliance center

We track the global regulatory environment and build measures to monitor and enable continuous compliance across all trust and safety operations. Our work reduces the risk of regulatory liabilities, negates fines, and improves brand reputation.

Incubation center

We build, test, scale, and transfer trust and safety processes, tools, technologies, and policies into global hubs as company needs evolve.

Learning center

We've helped more than 10,000 learners upgrade their skills and transition to careers in trust and safety. Our customized foundational programs deepen product expertise and understanding of the real-world impact they drive.

Industry-focused solutions

Our established solutions tackle trust and safety challenges across media, ecommerce and marketplaces, gaming, social media, metaverse and messaging platforms.

Social media and content-hosting platforms

We manage trust and safety for social and content platforms to deliver safe experiences and maintain compliance with global regulations.

Ecommerce and marketplaces

We drive safety and product capability for online marketplaces and commerce platforms, building trust in listings, information, brands, creators, and transactions while reducing the number of scams and frauds.

Gaming and play

Our customized capabilities address the nuances of gaming trust and safety requirements. We incubate and scale processes, workflows, tools, and policies for gaming safety operations.


Our media industry offerings span content safety operations including intellectual property and copyrights, ad integrity, brand safety, user safety, regional guidelines, and listing operations.

Augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and metaverse

Our capabilities for newly emerging forms of digital interaction include designing custom 0-1 frameworks to ensure a safe and intuitive experience in the virtual world and aiding technology development across operations.

Messaging and communication platforms

We help companies detect abuse in person-to-person communication apps with customized solutions for identification of abuse on end-to-end encrypted platforms using our proprietary frameworks.

Why Genpact

We help companies adopt a holistic approach to mitigating risk and securing user authenticity. Find out how we deliver online integrity, accuracy, and safety.


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Build on the insights and experience we've gathered from our work enhancing trust and safety for companies across the globe to empower your business.