Transform decision-making with process intelligence

Step aside AI – process intelligence is now the hottest tech in town

Discover how 400 global business leaders use process intelligence to boost productivity, drive revenue, and improve customer experience.

AI, machine learning, and cloud are all game-changing technologies. But to reap their maximum benefits, you need to first identify where to use them. That's when process intelligence comes in.

By combining the power of process mining and discovery, process intelligence provides actionable insights into operational pain points, showing you how to turn substandard workflows into superior operations. So, it might not come as a surprise that process intelligence has emerged as the hottest technology among global enterprises.

In fact, according to a study of 400 business leaders by HFS Research in partnership with Genpact, 91% of respondents say process intelligence drives significant business value. What's more, you won't have to wait a decade to see a return on your investment. Our study reveals that 50% of senior leaders expect to see an impact from process intelligence within a year.

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The meteoric rise of process intelligence

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